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StormDance Isle

Remember the time when your favourite horse went missing? Well you were pretty upset, no doubt, so ran off. You find yourself in the woods, lost. Wow. Wasn't this a great idea. You look around, spotting nothing, you just start walking. In any direction, at any pace. Soon you see a cave. Hm. So you go in, and you see 8 different horse pictures, each look like a different element. But there's one odd one, it looks like some sort of foal.

Well, you figure this is the only cave for a long while, so either your horse is here, or will come here. So you relax, sit down for a bit. Thinkin': Hey, why go back? There's nothing left for me there. You doze off, not bothering to think about how your folks would react to you going missing. The next morning, you give up, and walk back to the barn. It's your riding lesson again! Wow, you spelt through the the week, congrats. So you ride some horse that you don't really like, then go back to the cave. You wander the tunnel a little bit, and soon find a small chamber. There was a small abandoned box in the centre, you think nothing of the magic it could contain, and open it. A small crystal pegusas/unicorn lay on the bottom. So you pick it up, admiring the beautiful eyes. The eyes that resemble your darling horse.

So you go back to the enterance of the cave, holding the crystal creature in your arms. You slide down the wall, so your sitting on the hard, cold stone floor, and once more fall asleep.

This time, when you wake up, your no longer in the cave, and the crystal unicorn/pegasus is now your favourite colour, and is smaller, and fitted on a thin chain around your neck. Weird. Your figurine became a necklace, changed colours... And where the heck are you?!

So your thinking: Why on earth am I here? And how'd I get here? You decide to get up and walk around, hoping you were sleep walking or something. Hearing water close by, you find that your fairly thirsty, and follow the sound of the liquid to the river, and crouch down. But something catches your eye. You turn slightly, spotting a girl with light purple hair. Well lookie there... A girl with purple hair, now I gotta be dreaming. What the-She's wearing a necklace... One very identical to yours except the colour. Her's was sky magenta-ish. Well, the ora around the place was comforting, making you feel safer then when you were in that cold cave. You sighed, standing up, waving to the girl. She smiled, waving back. Her voice was soft, carried by a breeze.

"Hello... I'm Kyra" She stood up from the rock she had placed herself on, and walked slowly towards you. When she was approaching, you state your name. "Where am I?" You ask, raising a brow. She laughed softly. "Your in my valley, silly!" You freeze, staring at her. "B-but I was just in a cave... How on earth did I get here?" Again, she laughed. "Because you found the necklace." She pointed to the chain around your neck, which bared the crystal unicorn creature.

"But that still doesn't explain how I got here." She sighed, running a hand through her long purple hair. "Let's just say it's magic, k?" Your shocked gaze turns into a glare. "HA! But I know magic isn't real!" She grinned, and shook her head. "Tsk, tsk. Magic is real. Look all around you. Magic is everywhere because your in Mystic Valley." You pause, before shooting another question. "Mystic Valley...? Sounds corny."

She sighed again. "So? What would you have called it, hm?" So you say your suggesting, and she laughs. "Now that's corny!"

"So tell me, you wearing hold the crystal unicorn, and you were upset, no?" You froze again, your heart thumping hard in your chest. Slowly you nod, gulping. She grinned, clapping her hands together, "I was right! I knew it! Now why were you sad?" So you explain what happened, how your beloved horse had gone missing. She frowned, glancing to the side. "Oh... Well... That's what happened to me... That's how I found Sionayra." Again, you raise a brow, crossing your arms. "Sionayra? Whats that?" She grinned, flopping down in the grass. "It's here. Mystic Valley is located in Sionayra. As are many other Serian homes." Oh great. Now your really confused. "Serians?" She laughed, stretching her arms up. "Serians are horse-like creatures. You can adopt them, or bond them. Either way it works. They live with you, they become family." You nod slowly, the information slowly making sense in your head. "Do you have any?" She frowned, sighing. "Nope... Not yet."

"Since there's magic, is there any chance I could find my horse here?" You began getting hopeful. She shook her head, your heart instantly dropping in your chest. "Not in body. Possibly in a Serian though. Their personalities are all different, there might be one out there for you!"

So she gets up, and leads you deeper into StormDance Isle, both hoping to find a Serian, you in particular want to bond to a serian with the same personality as your horse.

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